John & Anne Campbell are a husband and wife team and writing and teaching partners. They bring a unique combination of skills to their books. Anne contributes her deep understanding of the neuroscience and male/female difference. John brings his extensive knowledge of the psychology of relationships. They are a brilliant complimentary team.

Their own intimate relationships bring personal experience to their books and workshops. John has six children, from two marriages, both ended in divorce. John is deeply grateful for the lessons he learned both from both of his former wives and his children and to date his six grand children. Anne was blessed with a long and happy marriage that ended after 27 years when her husband died in 1998. Anne maintained her belief that she would find love again. Never afraid to try out relationships she learnt much from her experiences.

John also maintained his belief in love and finding the right partner and they met in 2013 through A Course in Miracles. They knew immediately that they possessed the two essential chemistries, sexual and best friend, for them to forge a powerful healing and passionate relationship.

Dr. Anne Campbell

Dr Anne Campbell is a respected and widely published authority on the rapidly developing science of neuropsychology. She is the author of three international best sellers and is currently writing a new title – SoulSex; The Art and Science of Sense-sational Love Making – in collaboration with her partner, John Campbell.

Brain Sex: The real difference between men and women
by Anne Campbell (formerly Dr Anne Moir) and David Jessel

(Michael Joseph: London, 1989); Mandarin paperback (London 1990); Dell paperback (New York 1992)

Translated into 25 languages and a best seller worldwide, it was a revolutionary book, firmly rooted in exhaustive scientific research, challenging the then widely held belief that all things being equal, men and women would turn out the same.

It was first published two decades ago, long before Brainsex theory became fashionable or even scientifically accepted. It remains highly popular today and is counted as one of the best 50 psychology classics, alongside works by Freud, Adler and Jung:

“Brain Sex: The Real Difference between Men and Women, was a best seller and one of the first popular books on gender differences, long before John Grey wrote Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Superbly written and often amusing, it remains a great example of ‘myth busting’.”
(50 Psychology Classics by Tom Bulter Brown)

A Mind to Crime
by Anne Campbell (formerly Dr Anne Moir) and David Jessel

(Michael Joseph: London 1995) Paperback Signet Books (1997)

A further collaboration with crime and legal expert David Jessel, this award-winning book evolved from Brain Sex and won the British Medical Association Journalism book award in 1997.

Why Men Don’t Iron
by Anne Campbell (formerly Dr Anne Moir) and Bill Moir

(HarperCollins: London 1998) Paperback July 1999

This wide-ranging book examines sex difference in food, studies homosexuality and its biological roots, and analyses the sex differences in parenting. Anne wrote it with her late husband, Canadian historian and journalist Bill Moir. It was the last in a long line of distinguished achievements for Bill who died of cancer shortly after its publication.

John Campbell

John is a best selling author, expert on the psychology of family relationships and highly successful international speaker.

The Secret of Intimate Relationships
by John Campbell

Published Worldwide by Wise Owl Secrets 2009 Revised Edition February 2015

This pocket size dynamite of a book has received rave reviews for its simplicity, honesty and ability to reach even the most discerning reader. The most frequent feedback received is that the book explains the whole relationship history of the reader. It explains the real purpose of intimate relationships, the standard route these all seem to take, and the reasons for the apparent difficulties and how to solve them. It also offers the reader tips as to how to ensure the mistakes of the past are avoided in future relationships.

John and Anne are currently working on a new title called SoulSex; The Art and Science of Sense-Sational Love Making and a film documentary based on the book is planned.

Together they teach the principles of a better way to make love to couples and singles.