Thank you so much for Saturday. I really enjoyed it and think it will have an enormously valuable impact on my life and marriage. Amazing! I thought that men were exactly like us, but consciously chose not to behave in the way that we do. It’s so enlightening to know that we really are different biologically and that they don’t behave in certain ways just to annoy us – they think and react certain ways because that’s how they are ‘programmed’! I think everyone should be aware of this…it would save countless marriages and depressions, etc. It made me realise that we all need to be a bit more sympathetic and sensitive to the opposite sex and cut them some slack.

Lee-Ann Olivier

Workshops & Seminars

John and Anne run a number of different courses for varying audiences.

Among these are:-

  • The Art & Science of Loving Relationships (One or Two-Day Workshop. Singles and Couples)
  • SoulSex – The Art & Science of Sense-Sational Love Making (One Week Residential Couples’ Workshop.
  • SoulSex – The Art & Science of Sense-Sational Love Making (One week personal Couple Workshop alone with John & Anne. These are held in a luxurious and intimate private setting)
  • ‘Lighten Up’ (One day Workshop for Singles and Couples)
  • The Real Purpose of Life (One or Two Day Singles and Couples)

Individual and corporate enquiries for seminars and workshops not featured here are welcome. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

The Art and Science of Loving relationships

A full day workshop designed to find/rediscover loving relationships, keep them and nourish them.

It is interactive and experiential and suitable for singles or couples.  The day covers:

  • An understanding of your unique Brainsex and gender behaviour pattern.
  • An understanding of your primary love language.
  • An understanding of the difference between lust and sexual chemistry.
  • A greater awareness of your emotional triggers.
  • How to release those triggers to create harmony.

We conduct a simple assessment of the participant’s brain gender and take you through some powerful exercises that give tools to help create more loving relationships.