Love Making Training

Love Making Training

When you have decided to re kindle your sex life and take it to a new and wondrous level – we are here to guarantee that experience.

Here is how it happens.

You have 1 FREE Skype call with John & Annie. This will enable us all to confirm we all feel comfortable working together.

Step 1

Ener your name and email address below to download and complete the ‘Questionnaire’ and return it to with your registration and deposit.

Please note that once you click on download, the document will go to your Downloads folder.

Step 2

We arrange the following Skype (or other method of video calls)

  1. You and your partner with Annie & John
  2. Annie with the female, John with the male
  3. Annie with the male, John with the female
Step 3

You come and stay with Annie & John at a venue to be agreed for two nights and three days. All accomodation and food will be provided.

Day 1

12.00 noon Arrival & Registration
12.30-1.30 pm Lunch
1.30-3.30 pm Discussion and ‘getting Acquainted’ – This is where we begin ‘We Talk About Sex’ training.
3.30-3.45 Tea/Coffee Break
3.45-6.00 Discussion
6.00-7.30 pm Dinner
7.30-9.00 Movie and Q & A

Day 2

8.00-8.30 am Meditation
8.30-9.30 am Breakfast
9.30-11.00 am Morning session ‘How To’ teachings and videos.
11.00-11.15 am Tea/Coffee Break
11.15- 1.00 pm More didactics and videos
1.00-2.00 pm Lunch
2.00-6.00 pm You retire to your private room for ‘practice’. We leave your space.
6.00-7.30 pm We all join together for dinner.
7.30-9.30 pm We answer questions and watch a relevant movie.

Day 3

8.00-8.30 am Meditation
8.30-9.30 pm Breakfast
9.30-11.00 am Morning session
11.00-11.15 am Tea/Coffee Break
11.15-1.00 pm Morning session
1.00-2.00 pm Lunch and Au revoir
Step 4

After you return to your home. We ask that you practice what you’ve learned on the training for 14 days.

Step 5

We schedule a first joint Video connection with all four of us. We enquire if either of you would like a 1-1 video connection with either of us, and if so, we schedule that too.

Step 6

After another 14 days of practice we schedule another joint video connection either with all four of us or 1-1.

This practice has a profound positive impact on every area of our lives. We ask that, like any new learning, you remember that it grows and grows.

If you wish to build up your body muscles it doesn’t happen in your first visit to the gym. But you DO feel the difference after your first visit!

Similarly, with this sexual training you’ll notice an amazing difference after your first experience, and, it just gets better and better and better. This way of love making can be enjoyed until your ‘old’ age and has a profoundly positive impact in every area of your lives. We are both living proof of that!

So, when that sounds like a gift you’d like to give each other and yourselves, please simply download the questionnaire and register.

Investment Procedure

The total investment for the above teaching is £3,500 as follows.

  • £500 on registration. Balance one week before first course Skype call”.
  • Accommodation extra TBA depending on geographical area.

If your partner is not yet ready for this teaching from ourselves, we are open to discuss the options we have for working with singles. Anyone who is prepared to be Honest, Open-minded and Willing (HOW) can learn this and can then teach their partner themselves.”

If you prefer to begin with ‘one to one’ and/or ‘two on two’ sessions, we are happy to support you. We can tailor your training in any way which supports you and where you feel comfortable.