Anne Campbell

Anne Campbell

(formerly Dr Anne Moir)

Anne is an internationally recognised and widely published authority on the rapidly developing science of neuropsychology. Having gained her Doctorate from Oxford University she went on to forge a distinguished career with the BBC as a producer/director. She later formed her own film making company, Quality Time Television which won a BAFTA for their series on Death.

While working as Series Producer and Director for Barraclough Carey, Anne won the Royal Television Society Award for Best Documentary Series about another ‘taboo’ subject at the time, Aids, entitled The Plague – A History of Aids.

She is the founder of BrainsexMatters and co-founder with her partner, John Campbell, of The Institute for Love and Sexual Fulfillment. Both are research-based organisations focusing on improving people’s intimate relationships.

She is the author of three international best selling books.

  • Brain Sex, (Michael Joseph: London, 1989); Mandarin paperback (London 1990); Dell paperback (New York 1992)
  • Why Men Don’t Iron (HarperCollins: London 1998) Paperback July 1999 and
  • A Mind To Crime (Michael Joseph: London 1995) Paperback Signet Books (1997)

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